Colourful, cool and cultured

Live at River Landing and you’re primed to enjoy a life of culturally rich options, leisure, and Saskatoon's own vibrant downtown

Browse a Picasso, or see a play

As a resident of No. 1 River Landing, you’ll be in the centre of Saskatoon’s cultural scene – and its landmarks. As of 2017 the Remai Modern Art Gallery will not only be Canada’s foremost gallery of modern art, with an enviable trove of Picassos, but will open its doors and cultural heart to the community as a place where you can learn, browse and socialize. Adjacent to it: the Remai Arts Centre, home of the city’s highly rated Persephone Theatre – the genial host to plays, social events, and live performances. 

Spend a jazzy night out, or relax by the river

From No. 1 River Landing you’ll find Saskatoon’s social, entertainment and restaurant scene is not only thriving – it’s remarkably
close.  Walk to bars, boîtes, bistros, and live beats to suit every taste and inclination. Also a “not-to-miss” is the Farmers’ Market – throughout the year destined to be your culinary go-to for everything fresh, local, and gourmet. 

And, of course, right on your doorstep, one enviable environmental asset: the 36 acres of River Landing itself.